It’s Not What it Looks Like! Dogs Caught in the Act

It’s Not What it Looks Like! Dogs Caught in the Act

Dogs communicate pretty effectively with us through body language and sounds. Tail wagging, whining, barking— we humans have become pretty good at figuring out what they mean. We know when our dogs are happy, when they’re sad, when they’re feeling left out (my dog likes to garden if anyone forgets to let her back into the house…her specialty is rearranging plants). After all, dogshaming wouldn’t be so popular if some pups weren’t so great at looking guilty.

And let’s not forget the mini panic when you walk into a room and find your dogs in a compromising position, frozen in shock, forcing you to consider sitting them down for a little talk about the birds and the bees (“I just want to make sure you two are using pawtection…”).

So we put together some of the cutest “It’s not what you think!” moments the innanetz has to offer.

“We are just conserving body heat!”

We are just conserving body heat! Image via Instagram

Image via @digbyvanwinkle


“Let’s not make a thing out of this, okay? It happened once, it’s over.” #LetItGo


“What?! We were just cuddling!”


“We’re just spooning, I swear!”


“Why don’t you ever knock, Mom?!”

"Why don't you ever knock, Mom?!" Image via Instagram

Image via @basilheart


“I was just giving him a belly rub!”

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur


“I was just checking for a dirty diaper! I wasn’t kissing him, pawmise!”

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