20 Pups Who Can Teach You Thing or Two about Being A Viking

20 Pups Who Can Teach You Thing or Two about Being A Viking

Every February the city of York in North Yorkshire, England is invaded by ancient warriors. The Jorvik Viking Festival celebrates the thousand year hold the Nordic people had over the area.

In Norse culture, dogs were regarded as companions and represented fidelity and faithfulness. The closeness of man and pooch is intertwined in their mythology. Frigga, the goddess of marriage, traveled by a chariot drawn by a pack of beautiful dogs. Vikings believed that when a slain warrior ascends to Valhalla their loyal pups wait at the gates to greet them. Best friends in life and after!

Here are 20 mutts who prove that Game Of Thrones has nothing on the Game Of Bones.

1) “Nothing wrong with a little Norse play.”


 Image via Dogster

 2) “Who’s a Great Dane? You are. You are!”


 Image via Flickr/f1b3r

 3) “Norway I am leaving this spot today.”


 Image via Flickr/cathiev

 4) “Mates that raid together, stay together.”


Image via Flickr/yellojkt

5) “I was Bjorn battle ready.”


Image via Hrenovina

6) “Would you like to board the Friend-ship?”

markingourterritory.files.wordpressImage via WordPress/markingourterritory

7) “Being Loki to the ground has it’s advantages.” dickjutsu.wordpress

Image via WordPress/dickjutsu

8) “Make way for the mighty Labra-thor.”


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9) “You stand no chance against Ivar the Terrier.”


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10) “Olaf burninating the villages.”

pinterestImage via Brain Parking

11) “I’m a warrior for Valhowlla!” 


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12) “All great boat rooooovers have a strong paddle.”

pinterest2Image via Join Dark Side

13) “Rollo-Over of Normandy demands your belly rubs.”


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14) “I’m the most beautiful maiden in all of Newhoundland.”


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15) “Here are all the Anglo-Socksons for you to chew on.”


Image via Tumblr/saewulf

16) “Where can we find a bag of tasty Pagan’ Strips?”


Image via Livejournal/satorifoto

17) “But my Mum thinks I’m Canute.”


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18) “Odin’t you know how great I am?”


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19) “We’ve taken a Viking to each other.”


Image via Little Beasts

20) “The Gods have blessed me with this Pugly face.”tumblr_n3e8bxrHA21qjzvn3o1_500

Image via Blogspot/alltheworldsarage