dog begging table
Source: @thederbydog
1. "But you said I was a good boy!"
Source: @idowatiwant
2. "I had breakfast 20 minutes ago! I'm starving over here!"
Source: @biancakjensen
3. "Ignore the crumb on my face."
Source: @vuvunilla
4. "Is there... b-b-bacon... on that?"
Source: @pics_by_susi
5. "That candy isn't gonna unwrap itself, hooman!"
Source: @two_dogslala
Source: @ursodante
7. "Just gonna keep my head here until they notice..."
Source: @simple_simons
8. "Turkey sausage? On pizza? Sure, I'll try."
Source: @musicalliz87
9. "Give me a boost! I smell something good."
Source: @blaniusia
10. "I'm a growing boy, I need treats!"
11. "What you got there..."
Source: @sarahohearn
12. "I can't see what that is, but I want it."
Source: @django.fett
13. "Drop some crumbs! Drop some crumbs!"
Source: @jesswagner55
14. "I need snacks for the movie too!!!!"
Source: @valexa7665
15. "They can't say no to all three of us."
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15 Hopeful Faces Waiting For You To Drop That Turkey Leg

If Halloween is a dog’s worst nightmare filled with chocolates they can’t eat and itchy costumes they can’t take off, then consider Thanksgiving a gift from Dog for our puppers. On Thanksgiving, the whole family gathers around a table overflowing with food and nobody can resist sneaking a bite of turkey under the table. These dogs know better than anyone how to put a begging face on, and they can’t wait for the holiday celebrations to begin.

Featured image via @rambo_golden