12 Life Tips From Your Dog

12 Life Tips From Your Dog

Hey humans! There’s quite a bit to be learned from the canine variety when it comes to achieving happiness. Dogs truly are some of the cheeriest creatures on planet Earth.

happy shiba

How are dogs so happy? I’ve researched this question tirelessly (watching dogs, living with dogs, speaking with dogs, petting dogs, etc.), and I’ve finally got the skinny on how these pooches live their best lives and how we, as humans, might be able to do so as well.

Life Tip #1: When you know what you want in life, go ahead and give it a nudge.


Sometimes all that’s standing between you and your bliss is a good swift nudge. You can’t be afraid to take nudge what you want. Life is short!

Life Tip # 2: When meeting someone new, be sure to give their butt/genitals a nice, firm sniff.

butt sniff

Most people would lead with a handshake in this situation, but what can you really tell about someone by squeezing their hand? You’ll learn so much more about a stranger by stickin’ your snout all up in their business. This, in turn, will lead to deeper connections and happier friendships.

Life Tip #3: If someone doesn’t like you right away never, NEVER give up!


You have something to offer every person/dog/cat/baby you meet. Just because someone or something doesn’t like you at first doesn’t mean that they won’t come around eventually. Go on! Keep bugging them! Show them you aren’t going to take the hint and that you will roll around in their kitty litter one day, er, we mean become their friend.

Life Tip #4: When eating a meal, snarf your food as quickly as possible.


This way you will most likely not have to share with those around you, ensuring you will walk away satiated and happy.

Life Tip #5: In fact, it’s usually best to just eat first, ask questions later.


Here, my dog Gilda demonstrates how easily one can spit out food one doesn’t enjoy. Notice how she inhales the food before asking questions or even sniffing it. Dogs know that it’s better to have eaten and spit out than to have never eaten at all.

That being said, doggos also know:

Life Tip #6: Nibble on grass for an upset tummy.

eat grass

This one is pretty self explanatory. Out with Pepto and Tums and in with grass!

Life Tip #7: Keep anticipating your dreams, even when they’re not there.


Sure it’s not fair when life dangles your dreams in front of your face and then gives you nothing. But is your dog pissed when you repeatedly pretend to throw a ball for them to fetch without actually throwing the ball? Of course not! They forgive! And you should forgive life too, ya know, for promising you that successful jewelry career that never manifested. But don’t give up hope. In fact, we heard someone just liked your Etsy shop. Go get them! Go get your dreams!

Life Tip #8: When someone gives you a gift, the more aggressively you take it the more stoked they will know you are about it.


The recklessness with which you take a gift from someone directly correlates with how much you love and appreciate said gift. Next time you graciously accept a present, try taking off a few of the gift-givers fingers!

Life Tip #9: Stay hydrated, but make a huge mess while doing so.


Drinking water is like the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. You need water for your body to stay alive, but it’s also good for your soul. Playing in your water while drinking will not only put a smile on your face, but it will most likely make those around you beam as well!

Life Tip #10: Invest in a good human maid.

cleaning up after dog

A big part of why dogs are so happy and carefree is because they don’t have to deal with cleaning up after themselves! If you find someone else to clean up after you, you’d most likely be living a more joyful existence as well. Just make sure to find one that won’t yell at you for making said mess.

Life Tip #11: Stick your head out a window every chance you get.

slobber dog

Feeling the wind in your fur hair every now and then can only improve your life. It is also entirely possible that dogs’ lives are so cheerful because they don’t sweat the small stuff, like excessive drooling.

Life tip #12: If life gives you something smelly: roll in it.

dog poop shame

Sure, this pooch might not look too thrilled in this picture — but that’s only because he is being shamed for something that brings his soul joy. He is being shamed for something that is beyond natural. He is being shamed for something we as humans shouldn’t knock until we try. Dogs roll in poop. Dogs lead happy lives. Ergo, if we want happy lives, we just gotta be willing to roll in the poop.

zach g. pug dance

It’s as simple as that! By implementing these few easy dog-approved tips, you’ll be living your best life in no time. Sure you might look a little silly at first, but what do you care about more: looking “cool” or feeling as happy as Zach Galafianakis and his Pug? ‘Nuff said.

Featured image via @beingrex