13 Cats Who Totally Want a Barkbox

13 Cats Who Totally Want a Barkbox

We’re sorry, cats. We realize we’re not exactly fair to you all the time. Many of you live in the same houses as our beloved dogs, and we realize how excruciating it must be to watch a big box filled with puppy goodies arrive for the dog, and not you, every month. We’re not going to fix the problem, and we’re sorry. But we are going to write a post in your honor, and countdown the most jealous cats to ever behold a BarkBox. Enjoy!

1. I can haz Barkbox?

Overthrow MarthaSource: Overthrow Martha

2. Will throw dog brother over cliff for BarkBox.

barkbox FAQSource: Stephanie Verba

3. Swear I will do it. They get all this stuff EVERY MONTH and what do I get? Climbed on. Assaulted. Thoroughly doghandled.

mayziesdogblogSource: Mayzie’s Dog Blog

4. I haz the feelings too, you know. They mostly involve stuff like “Get out of my way” and “stop touching me I don’t really love you” but I still haz them.

barkpotsSource: Miss Lola Jean

5. I’m too good to feel victimized by these losers. In the wild I would totally kick their pampered little puppy butts.

Memphis MuttsSource: Memphis Mutts

6. I could totally take that mutt and he would never know what hit him. Like, KaPOW and take his Bully Stick.


7. While you’re playing with a stupid Kong for hours (Mom unscrews it to put the peanut butter in, you dumbbutt) I’ll be learning a real skill. Krav Meow, or something.

Melissa GraceSource: Melissa Grace

8. So if he’s off chasing that stupid ball when the BarkBox comes, I can be like a ninja and intercept it. Take that, smelly doge!

Missy Mitchell

9. That little bitch would never know what hit her.

barkpostSource: Hamilton Pug

10. Here’s the real question: Why do hoomans like them anyways?

oh my dog blogSource: Oh My Dog Blog

11. I mean, seriously, they do their bizness in different places. Every day. So weird.

Joanne McKennaSource: Photo Courtesy of Joanne McKenna

12. And they want to hang out with you, like, all the time. I will not follow you into the bathroom. I respect your privacy, hooman.

KaliPhoto Courtesy of Kate Simon

13. Dogs just don’t deserve Barkbox.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.34.39 PMSource: sassybusch

Butt-Sniff (1)

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