The Daily Treat: Giant Dog Demands More Belly Rubs by Groaning

The Daily Treat: Giant Dog Demands More Belly Rubs by Groaning

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What happens when you give a cuddle-loving dog a belly rub? He’s going to want about a dozen more.

Sebastian the Newfoundland is a go-getter. Once he knows what he wants he will stop at nothing to get it. In this case, Sebastian’s goal is to get a copious amount of tummy tickles from his owner.


Image via YouTube

In the video, the dog’s mom dishes out a few belly pats, but then goes back to staring off into the distance. This simply won’t do for Sebastian.

Unable to say, “Hey, lady! Less gazing, more petting.” The massive dog goes with the next best thing – groaning. Sebastian lets out a series of attention-seeking noises that sound something similar to a bear and a lion having a belching contest.

The trick works! After a few bellowing pleas for love, Sebastian is back to getting more belly rubs.

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