The Most Important Dogs Of 2015

The Most Important Dogs Of 2015

The year 2015 was huge. From man buns to glitter beards, the hooman world had a lot of notable and… ahem, interesting…events that took place. In the doggy world, perfectly square haircuts became a fad, and the below pooches took the internet by storm.

1. Tonkey Bear

Remember this fluffy and chubby piece of cuteness? His simply irresistible demeanor captured all of our hearts this year. Just look at that droopy face!


2. Eve the Sommelier Pittie

To be a Master Sommelier is one of the greatest achievements of the human world. Eve the Pittie has taken this title to the next level – and added a balancing twist to the trick!

3. Independent Dog Who Don’t Need No Human

Eclipse, a Lab/Mastiff mix from Seattle, surprised everyone this year when it was revealed she takes the bus to the dog park daily — all by herself. And who knows? Maybe in 2016 she’ll be applying for a driver’s license, too.


4. Adorable Sneezing Pomeranian

This little one took the internet by storm this year with its hilarious turkey-gobble sneeze. Nothing like starting your morning off by getting a good laugh from this memorable Pom.

5. These Pitties In Pajamas

Darren and Phillip, two rescue Pitts from Australia, charmed everyone with their adorable onesies and big grins via their popular Instagram, @the_blueboys. With their cuteness, they’re changing the perception of Pit Bulls — one onesie at a time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.23.03 PM

6. Corgi Startled By Rock

This poor pup gave us all a good laugh when he realized that the rock on the ground was in fact not a rock at all!

7. The Stink Eye Boxer

We’re not sure what ticked off this pup, but he definitely wasn’t in any mood to put up with your crap.

8. Runaway Wiener Dog

Ah, the infamous Wiener of 2015 that gave fame to the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball game. This hilarious pup certainly gave the players a run for their money as he slipped right through their fingers and escaped capture on the field.

9. Earl the Grumpy Puppy

And how could we forget Earl, the grumpiest Puggle we ever met. This year he gave Grumpy Cat a run for his money.

perfect grumpy face

10. Broccoli-Eating Pug

Toby the Pug certainly knows how to keep it healthy. So much so that he was just absolutely delighted when he was given this precious piece of broccoli.

11. This Dog Who Protected A Cat During A Thunderstorm

A picture of a dog shielding a frightened cat from a storm went viral this year, resulting in numerous memeified versions of the photo. Oh, internet. memeFEAT

12. Ms. Mari

This is one hard-to-get Shiba Inu. Aside from rejecting her hooman’s kisses, Ms. Mari has a whole line of hilarious videos of her relationship with her man.

13. Tom Hardy’s Dog, Woody

When Tom Hardy brought his rescue pup Woody to the Legend premiere, he stole the show. Not only did Woody chase pigeons, but he also cozied up to actress Emily Browning. Hardy who?


14. Bilbo

This little Corgi pup just couldn’t handle himself around this tiny pumpkin. Possibly the most adorable video ever.

15. The Golden Retriever Bird Whisperer

And lastly, we can’t forget Bob, a Golden Retriever who knocked Snow White off her “Disney princess” pedestal this year with his flock of friendly birds. #Squadgoals

bob last supper bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-412