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1. “Why did you do this to me, mummy?”
2. “I’m a Hallo-weenie wrapped in a bun.”
Source: @brejean_
3. “I’ve seen what the filthy hoomans do with this stuff.”
Source: @owenthegolden
4. “All this talk about DIY costumes. Look mum, I did it myself.”
5. “Pointer mummy game on point.”
Source: @beanabanz
6. “Mum’s the word. You can’t tell my fur-iends about this.”
Source: @gracethorsen
7. “BOOch, I’m fabulous.”
Source: @a_meyer_lemon
8. “I woke up like dis.”
9. “Pig in a blanket. Sooooo funny.”
Source: @kgarcia12
10. “The only thing worse would be a cat costume.”
Source: @nicchoolllleee
11. “Why do I get it trouble when I want to play with this stuff?”
Source: @le_bits
12. “I’ll do anything fur that strip of bacon.”
Source: @oliverandluca
13. “At least I don’t have to be FrankenDog up there.”
Source: @slaymie
14. “HALP. I’ve been TP-ed.”
Source: @insta_peppo
15. “That’s a wrap.”
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