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1. When you're trying to Netflix and chill but your roommate won't leave.
2. When you're trying to Netflix and chill but they bring the whole squad.
Source: Gym Bowie
3. When you take things to the next level with Netflix and Seamless and chill.
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4. When he's drooling over an actress in the movie and you're trying to be chill.
5. Netflix and no chill.
6. When your date looks nothing like their Tinder photo.
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7. 20 minutes into Netflix and chill and he gives you this look...
8....or this look...
9....or this look.
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10.That moment right before one of you makes a move.
11. When they make a move right when you're getting into the movie.
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12. When you realize they might want an actual relationship.
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13. When you Netflix and chill by yourself.
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14. What Netflix and chill looks like at the end of the relationship.
Source: Trupanion
15. The true meaning of Netflix and chill.
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15 Dogs Who Want To “Netflix And Chill”

“Netflix and chill” usually means only one thing. Except for when it literally means “watch a movie or show on a streaming service and hang out in a relaxed manner.” Which is like, never. These dogs know what’s up.

Featured images via Phil King and Dog Channel