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1. "I bet it was Chad. It's always Chad."
2. "We just want what's best for you. No need to get upset."
Source: @harlowandsage
3. "All that howling and panting at 3am is hard to sleep through."
Source: @insitu
4. "Not to mention I asked specifically for carob chips but no, it's ok, this is fine too, I guess."
5. "No, really. I'm not being sarcastic."
Source: @sukiandthecity
6. "Enjoy the aroma of my liquid waste when you walk out to get the newspaper in the morning."
Source: @harlowandsage
7. "Also, could you maybe use less toilet paper? We hate sifting through it to get to the good stuff."
8. "I'm Bcc'ing Grandma on this just in case."
9. "Just kidding, I've never fetched a ball in my life LOL."
10. "What is that like, anyway?"
11. "Like do you even have a dog? Why are you at the dog park without a dog?"
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12. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess."
Source: @itsdougthepug
13. "I don't complain when you bring that smelly boyfriend of yours around."
Source: @myawkwarddog
14. "At least give me a few seconds to change the channel first."
Source: @lifewithtoby
15. "I love you, and it's not because you know where the treats are hidden or anything."
Source: @montydoodledoo
16. "What are these, flagels? What's a flagel?"
Source: @iggythewestie
17. "I especially dislike that one kid who puts my toys in his mouth."
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17 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes Dogs Would Totally Write

Passive aggressive notes are great because you get to say what you want to say without having to deal with confrontation. No looking at the person in the eyes and telling them exactly how you feel, because that’s way too much pressure.┬áHere are 17 passive aggressive notes dogs would totally write if they could, because why not make an already awkward situation slightly more awkward?

Featured image via @carterandtoby