19 Peanut Butter Loving Pups Who Desperately Need To Borrow Your Napkin

19 Peanut Butter Loving Pups Who Desperately Need To Borrow Your Napkin

What dog can say no to peanut butter? And why would you want them to?! Puppies with peanut butter haphazardly smeared across their faces are the magic the internet was created for.

Here are 21 pups who totally agree.

1. “Don’t worry, I got it. I got it. Still got it…”

2. “Did you guys know my nose is made out peanut butter?!” #DoggieDiscoveries #Imagination

3. Good pup parents know when their pup’s muzzle is too short to fit into the jar.

4. Peanut butter + kibble = “Best. Meal. Ever.”

5. When it feels like the peanut butter will be stuck to the roof of your mouth forever…

6. “Peanut butter goes here please.”

7. “So what kinda dog treats is peanut butter made from?”

8. “Mind making a run to the store?” #NeedMorePB #Please

9. On three, begin Synchronized Peanut Butter Faces. One… Two…

10. “I’m a save that lil bit for later.”

11. “What do you mean peanut butter’s good for my bones? I thought I hid those…”

12. How To Enjoy Peanut Butter: Step One, insert peanut butter into mouth…

13. “I put on the boa, now make with the treats!”

14. Hey pup, lick it! Don’t snort it.

15. “Hmm… Good consistency. I taste notes of both peanut and butter. I do believe I would recommend this treat to my friends in the future.”

16. “OMG, it’s so hard to eat. But please, don’t ever take it away…”

17. “Mom, he’s trying to eat my treats off my face!”

18. “That sure was a good nap… What are you guys looking at?”

19. Excuse me, but I misplaced some peanut butter. Have you seen it?”

Featured image via @mrsjaceyoung

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