You’ll Think You’re At A Billy Joel Concert Once You Hear This Hound Tickle The Ivories



The newest member of Radiohead?

Whoever this little Beagle Jovi is, he’s absolutely slaying this song.

Perhaps this lil’ Beagle Holliday was super saddened by the passing of George Martin and decided to honor the infamous Beatles producer with his rendition of “Howl Together.” Maybe he heard today’s pop music and was like, “I can do better,” Whatever the reason he decided to share his talents with us, and for that, we’re thankful.

Sure, he may not know whether he’s in a major or minor key, and he may wonder why his whole world looks the piano keys (give or take a few shades of blue) but what he sure does know how to sing the blues!

P.S. Check out Yoko Ono’s cover of this song!