The Hottest Trend in The Midterm Election Campaigns Is Exactly What You Think

The Hottest Trend in The Midterm Election Campaigns Is Exactly What You Think

Today is November 2nd, and that means it’s time to head to the polls and vote for those esteemed citizens who will fill Congress and…um…other places.

Okay, we here at the BarkPost never claimed to be political pundits. However, there is one trend we HAVE noticed during the campaigns for the midterm elections.


It’s a time honored tradition, politicians and puppies. Psychology Today even wrote an article about the reasoning behind why so many elected officials choose a doge as their sidekick. When there’s a scandal? Break out the puppy. Need to be re-elected? Do a campaign video with a dog. Granted, many pups don’t always shine in the political limelight (like the time FDR’s dog bit a reporter on the nose). And dogs can make or break a campaign (remember the Mitt Romney scandal during his bid for President about how he traveled with his pup?)

Still, while politicians don’t always make us smile, their doges sure do. So in honor of election day, we rounded up the most blatant, most ridiculous, completely obvious campaign stunts politicians have ever pulled in the name of doge.

Arizona GOP House candidate Martha McSally who had to refute Rep. Ron Barber’s accusation that she, “hates puppies” with this ad.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) showing his light-hearted side by being filmed with a pooch.

Tom Cotton (R) from Arkansas, who is running for a seat in the Senate gets his message across while snuggling this cute fuzzball.

And well, we can’t forget the President Obama who’s current low approval rating with the American public no doubt means we’ll soon be seeing him in a picture with this guy:

Image via People Pets

Image via People Pets

Want more photos of politicians and their pups? Head over to the Politicians with Dogs Tumblr, and you can see the many, many ways our public officials are captured with pooches — for whatever reason. And remember to go out and vote today! 🙂

Featured Image via The Washington Post

h/t to The National Journal