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"I can't believe the Pope is coming! This is better than ice cream!"
"Wait, is that him? I think there are treats hidden in that hat!!!"
Source: Please Kill Me
"Practicing for when I am chosen as successor."
Source: NBC News
"Furgive me, Father, for my sins against the carpet."
"Get it? I'm a SAINT Bernard!"
"Can't get my nails trimmed here? Oh, at the Vet-i-can?"
Source: ABC
"Holy water is worth 10,000 baths. So can I skip mine?"
Source: Corrin Renee
"Tail Mary, full of grace..."
"Putting the 'Pit' in 'pulpit'."
Source: Koyal
"I wonder if he will oversee my Furst Communion?"
Source: BarkPost
"Pee in the pew? It wasn't me!"
The longer the neck, the closer to heaven.
"Yes, kiss my ring. Wait, I don't have one. I'm a dog."
Contemplative #PopeDog is contemplative.
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Heavy is the head that wears the mitre.
Source: @lifeaslouis
"This is how I pope after a bath."
"Behold! My holy sneakers!" #ChewThisInMemoryOfMe
"This job is giving me wrinkles."
He sits at the right hand of dog.
Source: @meanmugpug
"Yes, I'm feeling very joyful on this occasion, why do you ask?"
A Pope and a pimp walk into a bar...
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21 Dogs Who Are A Little Too Excited To See The Pope

He took his name from St. Francis, who talked to the animals. Now the animals are ready to talk to him. Here are some devout (kind of) dogs preparing for a pawdience with His Howliness, Pope Francis.

Featured image via Imgur