“Bitch, I’m fabulous.”
Source: @sukiandthecity
1. A smile is your best accessory.
Source: @sukiandthecity
2. Don’t be afraid to match with your best friend.
Source: @sukiandthecity
3. Wear shades so the haters can’t see you.
Source: @itsdougthepug
4. There are no bad hair days. Just opportunities to wear your favorite beanie.
5. Experiment with wigs. Because #YOLO.
Source: @sukiandthecity
6. Pick out some fabulous shoes, then build your outfit around them.
7. Let your inner diva shine through…
Source: @sukiandthecity
8. …but don’t be afraid to choose comfort, too.
9. Wear horizontal stripes to accentuate that puppy belly.
10. Unleash your inner animal.
Source: @tjholt10
11. Never underestimate the power of a crisp button-down.
Source: @pug_mama
12. Winter is no excuse for not looking cute.
Source: @_fredpug
13. Layer up on cold days.
Source: @sukiandthecity
14. Play around with textures.
Source: @sukiandthecity
15. Look for inspiration in magazines.
16. Most importantly, love yourself.
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16 Times Pugs Had Better Fashion Advice Than Your Best Friend

Dogs are not usually the ones you’d call on for style advice. They mostly just want you to give out belly rubs and treats regardless of what you’re wearing.

Except Pugs.

Here are 16 fashion tips from pudge-faced Pugs.

Featured image via @SukiandtheCity