When my belly starts to grumble, I always check to see if I can scavenger a snack around the house. I may not be a world traveler of fine dining, but I do travel around the house doing tastings along the way. My pallet can even be described as a little exotic. As I roam I’ve come across some unique and refined delicacies. Come indulge with me in some of my favorite food “tails..."
HairballsLet me “shed” a little bit of light on this scrumptious treat. I’m a Pug, so I shed like crazy. Every now and again, if I see a poof-ball of my own fur dancing across the floor. I just can’t resist. I look around (to make sure no one judges me) and GULP, I swoop in and take a big ol' bite. So light, puffy and airy. I even get a little tickle in my throat as it does the fox trot down my esophagus. My pug-rents don’t like this when they catch me. I have no idea how they know! YACK! HONK! COUGH!
LintIn a pinch, it’s always easy to find some lint on the floor. Or in this case, when I eat the bottom off an IKEA chair. HOW on earth did they know?!
Random Bug at the Back DoorLike an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern- bugs are always hot commodity. Especially in the summer as I lounge by the backdoor. House flies, beetles and bees, OH MY! Whenever I have one in my mouth, I usually quickly spit it out or try to chew on it for a while. Humans are really grossed out by it, but to be honest, their palates aren't as sophisticated as mine.
After all, humans think it's totally OK to eat THESE weird looking bugs. You can't even bite into them. EW!
That Cheerio That Fell on the Floor 3 Months Ago NOM NOM NOM. The more stale, the better I say. I especially love finding them nestled in the couch. I recommend eating them without milk.
Toilet Paper I mean, my sister is the one who likes to get into the roll stash in the bathroom. She says they have a distinct taste, like cotton candy. I can see why younger pups might enjoy it.
Although whenever I want to tickle my sweet tooth, I do like to indulge in the roll of paper myself, but never more than one or two sheets. I'm watching my figure.
Cookie CrumbsIt is key, especially around any holiday, to stake out the kitchen when mom "attempts" to bake. I've gotten a lick of flour dust and a lump of butter that fell on the floor, but never a cookie -- yet. A Pug can dream. I just love the thought of a cookie taking a crumble to the floor...
NO, NO! NOT YOU, Cookie! I meant my mom's homemade cookies that are hard as a rock. Not you, Queen Cookie. I "bow wow" down to you.
Socks are also another delightful find to munch on. The smell is very potent, very gourmet. It almost has a mushroom, truffle oil type of flavor. The taste isn't for everyone, however, I enjoy it!
Pillows are THE BEST appetizer to a meal.Not only can I gnaw on that fluffy goodness, when I get sleepy, I can just pass out on it. Sometimes when I awake, it's time for dinner!
ShoesSometimes in my food travels, I stumble upon a shoe. JACKPOT! Not only are they great for chewing, like a raw hide, there are laces to chew on too. I prefer mine al dente.
Laundry Straight from the basket, this is another great place to find things to chew. So many fabrics, so little time. And again, more of these lace type strings to pull on!
Clearly I need a vacation. Maybe I'll be a "world traveler" someday and see the sights with my pug-rents. But until then, I am happy being a "home traveler" and finding all of these tasty things to eat throughout the house until it's chow time. Morning, noon and night, my "kitchen" is always open. It's called, the floor! Ciao, friends!
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Featured image by @oscarpugpug; all other photos by Erica DaSilva