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1. "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."
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2. "It's not easy being so tiny and adorable! Oh wait, yes it is."
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3. "Mom says it's the bed or the shoes--not both."
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4. "My blog, it's very aspirational, n'est-ce pas?"
5. "I walk to end shoe-shaming."
6. The shoes are cute but I'm looking at that chest...tattoo! What were you thinking?
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7. Why the long boot?
8. "Yes, I think these are my size."
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9. "See, mine's leopard. Definitely not basic."
10. "I'm a Puggle in, um, Uggles."
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11. "I...think I'm comfortable?"
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12. "Desperate for a Squad Volume 2"
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13. "Why hello there. I have saved an extra Ugg just for you."
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15. It's like a Snuggie, except I look adorable and not like a moron.
16. "Wait, I think I'm doing this wrong."
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17. "I don't know, you guys. I don't think this Ugg is in style anymore."
18. Buy an Ugg, come home with a Pug. Best purchase ever?
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19. "I'd prefer a leather boot, to be honest."
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20. "I like what I like. If that makes me 'basic', cool. Bye, h8rs!"
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20 Pugs In Uggs Who Prove They’re Anything But Basic

Ugg boots: love ’em or hate ’em, they’re instantly cuter when they’re on a Pug! Or if a Pug is in an Ugg. Here are some Pugs that are snugger than bugs in rugs. #UggLife