15 Frustrating Ways Your Parents Spoil Their Grandpuppy

15 Frustrating Ways Your Parents Spoil Their Grandpuppy

**Disclaimer: Pup grandparents are some of the kindest people on earth. We poke fun only out of love.**

When my pup Pumpkin came into my life, my folks embraced him as park of the pack. And I mean really embraced him…. in an “epically proud, spoil him like a human child” pup-grandparents kind of way. And just like a human, Pumpkin has learned that certain mom rules do not apply at grandma and grandpa’s house, despite my best efforts.

Here are the top “just stop fighting it, pup parents” lessons I’ve learned from delightful vacations at my mom and dad’s, and the pup detoxes that inevitably follow:

1. Grandma & Grandpa are convinced dog food is not good enough for their grandpup…

2. ….so they make him gourmet meals. Three times a day.

3. Grandpa wants his grandpup to have the best summer vacation ever and takes him on boating trips…

4…so now every time your pup is near water he completely loses his sh*t.

5. Grandma wants her little guy to experience complete muscular relaxation, so she gives him massages at least 4 times a day.

6. Now your dog Will. Not. Stop. begging for the spa treatment.

7. G & G feel bad ordering food at drive thrus and “leaving the baby out”…

8. … so he gets his own hamburger to eat upon arriving home. You can never order fast food in peace again.

9. Their grandpup can’t be left out of any holiday fun…

10… so now he eat socks all the time thinking they’re filled with presents.

11. They can’t eat dessert in front of him without wondering if he wants some…

12…so they don’t leave any questions unanswered.

13. When you take your pup back home, Grandma and Grandpa worry he doesn’t have enough treats. So logically they send care packages filled with food.

14. Now every time a box comes to the door your pup destroys it convinced it’s for him.

15. If the box was actually for you, Dog forbid, your pup goes on a hunger strike unless you bake him custom treats. Just like grandma does.

And of course, your phone beeps at least 8 times a day for the first week your pup and your parents are apart. It’s your dad asking how your dog is. 🙂

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