Rescued Pup’s Story is Even More Amazing Than His Famous Dance Skills

Rescued Pup’s Story is Even More Amazing Than His Famous Dance Skills

Sit back in your easy chair, friends (maybe while doing a little dance in it) because it’s time to explore the story of the canine sensation known as Dancing Nathan.


Image via Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue

Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Me – some of our most cherished citizens are gorgeously hairless. Additionally, if Pitbull has taught us anything, it’s that some of the very best dancers are, in fact, also the most hairless. Dancing Nathan continues the trend fabulously, with mere puffs on his head and tail (for character.)


Image via Dancing Nathan’s Facebook Page

But before we get to the main event – which obviously is THE DANCING – first,
little background. About two years ago, this Chinese Crested was taken in by South Carolina rescue network Bald Is Beautiful. This was after going through six different foster homes over the first four years of his life, with many considering him “unadoptable.” Finally, his foster mother, Tina Westkaemper, noticed Nathan was happier in her home than he’d ever been to that point in his life.

Nathan captured the nation’s hearts a few months back after Bald Is Beautiful shared shared this video of Nathan’s “Warm Up Dance!” The video was shared more than 30,000 times on the BIB’s Facebook page, and the clip was featured on Ellen. In no time, Dancing Nathan was a household name (at least in my house.) In the ensuing months, Nathan has enchanted us with further dances such as his interpretations of…

“Everybody Dance Now”

“Dance Dance”

“Nathan’s Cupid Shuffle”

“Gangnam Style” (inevitably)

My personal favorite, “Wiggle”

The dancing evidently began as Nathan “wiggling it” for treats in his favorite green chair. Chinese Crested’s are known for their agility and intelligence, so it’s no surprise that Nathan has been able to parlay this talent into food, fame, and profit. Nathan’s truly is a rags to riches story.

Nathan should be an inspiration to us all – dance like nobody’s watching, groove though your dog peers are clearly judging you, and, most importantly, rock your hairlessness with reckless abandon.