These pups are doing Mardi Gras right. Or should we say "Mardi Paws"? These pups are ready to bag some beads and throw their inhibitions to the wind. Laissez le dog temps rouler! via televisa.
"Show us your teats!"
Source: The Telegraph
"Oh iz it Mardi Paws, didn't know. I woke up like diz. #Flawless"
Source: Wikimedia
9. Ok. Diz guy is an impawster...
Source: Animal Fair
"I just came to see pitts. Uh, you're not gonna quote me on that are you?"
Source: Outblush
"A dash of Crystal's hot sauce...BAM!"
Source: LolaBelle's
"I dun wanna talk about what I had ta do ta get these beadz."
Source: Animal Planet
"Outta mah way, suckaz! I don't slow down for nobodyz parade!"
“I bring mah own beads! Make mah own rulez!”
Source: dogtipper
"All deez peasants wearin' the same outfit as the Queen of Mardi Paws! Diz shall not stand!"
Source: 710 Keel
Whatever you get into, just remember: What happens at Mardi Paws sits and STAYS at Mardi Paws!
Source: Planet 1051
I’m giving up litter box treats for Lent.
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11 Pups Who Are Ready To Get Wild At Mardi Paws