Quiz: Labradoodle Or Fried Chicken?

Quiz: Labradoodle Or Fried Chicken?

When Karen Zack posted a tweet comparing pictures of Labradoodles to pictures of fried chicken, I quickly became both panicked and hungry. So, I devised a quiz to help every dog-loving, chicken-eating human differentiate between doe-eyed Doodles and deep-fried drumsticks.

It’s a matter of life, death, and Doodle. And truly the most important quiz you will ever take.

If you’re feeling stumped the pictures have captions with clues that correspond (poorly) with each question. Good Luck!

We hope you enjoyed tonight’s edition of Bark After Dark, the one-stop-shop for all your insane-in-the-canine, cuckoo-for-cocoa-ruffs, barking mad needs!

H/t via @teenybiscuit/TwitterFeatured image via Reddit & Eatocracy