Source: @geordi_lacorgi
1. Dogs doing yoga on Instagram.
Source: Imgur
Dogs doing yoga in reality.
Source: @maximilentine
2. Dogs in laps on Instagram.
Source: Reddit
Dogs in laps in reality.
Source: @zeldazeld
3. Dogs with big sticks on Instagram.
Source: D for Dog
Dogs with big sticks in reality.
4. Dogs on benches on Instagram.
Source: Salsa Consabor
Dogs on benches in reality.
Source: @bordernerd
5. Upside down dogs on Instagram.
Source: Times Union
Upside down dogs in reality.
Source: @4chancesoflove
6. Dogs going sailing on Instagram.
Dog going sailing in reality.
7. Dogs enjoying pineapples on Instagram.
Source: @hoots_n_scoots
Dogs enjoying pineapples in real life.
Source: @dieseensucht
8. Dogs sunning themselves on Instagram.
Dogs sunning themselves in reality.
Source: @musingsofmia
9. Dogs in a bow on Instagram.
Dogs in a bow in reality.
Source: @rileybeann
10. Dogs eating ice cream on Instagram.
Source: Imgur
Dogs eating ice cream in reality.
Source: @thefugee
11. Dogs catching treats on Instagram.
Source: Imgur
Dogs catching treats in reality.
Source: @adizz
12. Sleeping dogs on Instagram.
Source: @weirdwiener
Sleeping dogs in reality.
Source: @bellatheaussie
13. Dogs in grass on Instagram.
Dogs in grass in reality.
Source: @clari_calahari
14. Wet dogs on Instagram.
Source: Wired
Wet dogs in reality.
Source: @ernestthepug
15. Dog on skateboard on Instagram.
Source: Imgur
Dogs on skateboards in reality.
16. Dogs and cars on Instagram.
Source: Bored Panda
Dogs and cars in reality.
Source: @lifeofleroy
17. Dogs on the beach on Instagram.
Dogs on the beach in reality.
18. Dressed up dogs on Instagram.
Source: 3 Million Dogs
Dressed up dogs in reality.
Source: @aquacorg
20. Hot dog dogs on Instagram.
Source: @myregalbeagle
Hot dog dogs in reality.
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Instagram Vs. Real Life: The Dog Edition

The pawdorable pooches of Instagram have won the hearts of many dog lovers all over the world with their picture-perfect smiles, pristine outfit selections, and hilarious shenanigans. But we were wondering, are the celebrity dogs of the Internet really an accurate portrayal of most dogs in reality? Let’s take a closer look…

Featured image via Reddit