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Some dogs have a natural flair for the dramatic. And most dogs, as we know, are total babes. And there are few places where drama meets beauty more perfectly than a romance novel. Which breeds would fit right in on the cover? Time to put on my doggy thinking cap and sniff out the possibilities…
1. Shih Tzu "Her life was all satin sheets and quiet despair -- walks in the morning, grooming in the afternoon, a biscuit if she was good girl (and she usually was). But deep down she knew there must be more to life than playing the perfect little princess. And when she finally worked up the courage to visit the coast, she found what she had always been looking for: him....
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'You simply must join me on the water sometime,' he woofed. 'Don't mind the hooman. I pay him a small fortune to make sure I don't fly off the side of the boat.' But fly off he did. Off into the depths of her fervent imagination -- her spirit, finally… unleashed."
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2. Pit Bull "He was the dog who had it all -- until she zoomed into his life like a car that had to be caught."
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3. English Setter "And he returned to that green field every year, on the spot where he had once gone digging to hide a bone… and instead found himself digging to the center of his reawakened heart."
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4. Labrador Retriever "'Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack,' she barked. 'You know, like Titanic.' He had never seen Titanic. But he knew one thing for sure -- when she looked at him, he felt like the king of the world…"
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Chapter II. "'What do you want darling, do you want the moon?' he barked. 'I'll fetch the moon and the stars for you! I'll fetch the sun and I'll fetch the planets and I'll fetch the Universe, all for you, darling!'"
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5. Border Collie "Like a dog park, he had every inch of her memorized. He knew where to scratch. And he knew where to sniff."
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6. Golden Retriever "And in that moment, laying eyes on him for the first time, everything she knew of herself melted away. For he was a grand and mighty lion, and it was she who would be tamed."
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7. Jack Russell Terrier "'I'm not like the other dogs,' he woofed softly. 'I like to keep the collar on.'"
8. Pomeranian "Next to him, she didn't feel so small. She felt like she could taste any candy, see any color, catch any tail…"
9. Lhasa Apso "She knew this wasn't just puppy love. No, this was a great big howl-at-the-moon kind of love, a love where you just barked and barked all night, and your human would ask 'What's going on?' and you wouldn't answer, you just kept barking at the stars and didn't let anybody sleep."
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10. Chihuahua "'Come with me,' he said, his dark eyes flickering in the candle light. 'I own a huge, exotic castle, and we can pee wherever we want, and nobody's ever a 'bad dog' -- that is, unless you want to be…'
11. Afghan Hound "'Did you know that I'm the Fabio of dogs?' he asked, the scent of his hair trailing in the wind. He leaned closer, and gazed into her with his masculine brown eyes: … 'I am totally the Fabio of dogs.'
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12. Pug "She was a raven haired beauty, so raven-like that when she took her walks, the boys would bark, 'That's so Raven!' But she was no raven. She was a pug -- a coy, charming pug -- and she knew how to get her tail chased."
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Chapter II "She cherished him, fawned on him, doted on his pinched face, his little paws… in her eyes, he was the world, and everything good in it, wrapped up in one fuzzy, stubby body. And he, uh, was not into it."
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12 Dog Breeds Who Model Romance Novels Better Than Fabio

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