The 13 Best *SEXTS* From “Text From Dog”

The 13 Best *SEXTS* From “Text From Dog”

Welcome to BarkPost After Dark, a series of hilarious but slightly inappropriate articles we post in the wee hours of the morning for you weirdos night owls. Not recommended for baby hoomans or the overly sensitive. Enjoy!

Your dog has a dirty mind. Texts From Dog made us think about what your dog would text you if they could text. But what if your dog sexted you? Cheeky doggie! Careful you don’t accidentally reply this way to your pawrents, boss, or human significant other.

1. But do the drapes match…?

sext dog rug 1

2. So…it’s curved.

dog sext bonerang

3. Role play.

sext dog dress

4. Don’t put a label on it, man.

sext dog gay

5. Who makes the rules around here?

sext dog gf owner boner

6. You say “joystick,” I say “lipstick.”

sext dog joystick

7. It’s called “Indognito Mode,” dude.

sext dog poodleboobs

8. Inhibitions completely dissolved.

sext dog sexy moon toothpaste

9. A potentially splintery situation.

sext dog table

10. My mind’s telling me no, but my doggie’s telling me yes.

sext from dog rkelly

11. Unwanted attention from a creeper.

sexts dog pug


sexts dog pug 2

13. Pawkward!

sexts from dog monkey

Featured image via Celebrity Dachshund and Text From Dog