This Failed Group Photo Is Exactly What Will Happen With Your Holiday Pics Like, 100 Times

Ah yes, cue the infamous “GROUP PHOTO!” moment every family has during a moment of holiday cheer (and the accompanying groans from all). Whether you’re all wearing some silly sleigh bell hats, are a liiittle tipsy on the eggnog, or are just trying to immortalize the one time of year when everyone you love is in one room, these are just priceless.

But something always goes amiss, right? Someone’s eyes are closed, the dog won’t sit still in the sweater you bought him, or, worst of all, you just can’t get situated quickly enough because Aunt Marge won’t stop fidgeting with her sweater vest and your red-faced nephew just started screaming the song of his people and gosh dangit Uncle Joe, there’s only 10 SECONDS on the camera timer, get OVER HERE!

*deep breath*


Well, let’s just say those Shibas ARE Uncle Joe.

Lucky for them, they aren’t the only canine family to miss the perfect photo op due to a little dysfunction. These cotton ball Chow Chow puppies are even worse: they’re siblings, and they never stop fighting for the spotlight. Seriously, just get in the spirit of the holidays and get your acts together, puppies.

Is NO ONE capable of taking a simple photo anymore?!

Okay, so Nelly’s got it down. Well done, friend, and happy holidays to you all!

H/t YouTube/DailyPicksandFlicks