Shiba Travels Back In Time, Becomes Star Of Iconic Moments In Pop Culture History

Shiba Travels Back In Time, Becomes Star Of Iconic Moments In Pop Culture History

Olivia Lazer, a photographer, had her dog, Zelda, sit in for light tests so many times over the years, that she now has a library of Zelda’s best expressions. Olivia has a talent for photoshop, and she decided to use Zelda’s expressions in old, historic photos. The result is a journey through history with Zelda the four-year-old Shiba, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

1. “Remember that gentleman I was telling you about, Rita? Well, I caught him with Angela at the stop n’ shop yesterday evening, and they were holding hands.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.27.43 PM

2. Who needs Betty White when you’ve got a Shiba?

Okay, we still need Betty White.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.31.25 PM

3. “Having three computer-machines at work is not that big of a deal since I need them for my research queries.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.33.19 PM

4. Jaws? More like Paws, amIrite?

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.36.02 PM

5. No matter how much she complains, we’re never going to remove these “unflattering” pictures of her from the 2013 Superbowl:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.37.45 PM

6. “That’s it. Iron it real good.” *Starts kicking back paw*

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.38.52 PM

7. “Typing has always been my strong suit, which propels me forward to be successful in the future.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.40.00 PM

8. “And then I told Jackie that she shouldn’t brag about getting a 97 on that test because it was so easy I mean it was just simple algebra!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.40.55 PM

9. “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life… and eat bacon.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.42.21 PM

10. “Beetlepup, Beetlepup, Beetlepup!”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.44.37 PM

11. Michael “Canine” was the hottest young pup Hollywood has ever seen:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.45.41 PM

12. “My bark will never be, will never see, will never know.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.47.21 PM

13. “It don’t matter if you’re black or white as long as you got biscuits:”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.48.57 PM

14. Queen Zelda atop her throne:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.50.24 PM

15. Zelda does whatever she wants when she wants WITHOUT her mother’s approval:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.36.44 AM

16. Zelda as Kelly Kapowski is the foxiest of the foxies:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.41.29 AM

17. Cutest bunny ears ever given to Kurt Cobain:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.42.45 AM

18. Sophia Zelda Loren was such a bombshell:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.43.42 AM

19. Talk about pup fiction:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.44.39 AM

20. The original smooshy floofy face that made it all happen: 

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.51.19 PM