Shih Tzu Puppy Uses Crate As A Hamster Ball As He Makes A Break For It

“Desperate times call for desperate measures!” That was the M.O. of this little Shih Tzu puppy when he had been put in time-out for his crimes against humanity (cause of incarceration: unbearable cuteness).

This little fugitive decided to take matters into his own paws and make a break for it! In this video, taken from the U.S. State Pet-itentiary surveillance camera system, we see the little guy turn his crate jail into a method of escape.

By turning his flimsy crate into a hamster wheel-like method of travel, he easily makes it across the floor, despite becoming just a bit dizzy.

Remember kids: crime doesn’t pay…unless you’re a puppy. Then it’s just hilarious.

h/t AFV