1. What is it with dinguses and glass doors?
2. There's no way this hairstyle was a choice. Oh, dingus...
3. This dog just landed the leading roll in "Dingus In The Sun"
4. Ok so this is what it would look like if Big Bird & Bambi had a kid. In case you were wondering.
5. On a scale of 1 to dingus...the scale just broke.
6. When you lay down for a nap and you get sucked into a vortex of Dingus.
7. What is it with Dinguses and getting their upper lips stuck on things? Get it together, guys.
8. What are you doing, training for the dingus olympics?!
9. This dingus is having a dream where he is at the movies and the lady in the last seat makes EVERYONE get up so she can go to the bathroom for the 10th time.
10. When you think you're alone and you finally rip that fart you've been holding in for the whole dinner party.
11. If you show up to a party with propellers on your head...you are a classified dingus.
Source: @megannoodle
12. Species: Dingus Erectus.
13. When company arrives and you know you have to hide your derpiness all night and you're like, "Ugh, do I even have it in me?"
Source: @greyceli
14. Dingus, explain yourself.
Source: @julieeeek
15. When your crush finally asks you out and you close your eyes and dream of what it would be like to interact with them smoothly...
Source: @j__goods
16. The classic, "Just trying to look casual but overthinking it and now I don't know what to do with my face."
Source: @olive_pittt
17. "Yes just make a left on the corner of Derp Street and Doofus Lane and Dingustown is right there. GOTTA GO BYEEEEE."
Source: @taylorandbenny
Source: @ronithedoxie
19. Don't mind me just sitting here trying to figure out the most uncomfortable way I could possibly position myself.
Source: @melloheart
20. When you blow up the bathroom at work and your coworker walks in right after and you feel awkward about it all day because you are a dingus.
Source: @pagina924
21. SURPRISE. You're on DINGUS CAM. Can that be a thing? That needs to be a thing.
Source: @2travelingdogs
22. When you get possessed by a dingus. But then you wake up and you're still a dingus.
Source: @scarletregina
23. On his way to dingus prom, probably.
Source: @thebarkpost
24. Just in case you forgot. The official definition.
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