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Actually a helpful reminder for when you're about to drunk text your ex. Thanks Siri!
Convenient reminder if you're on a diet, I guess?
Tell it to me straight, Siri... can dogs see dead people???
Seems like a weird nickname for a grandma, but okay.
Thanks BING. That's really helpful, BING.
Pittie! Ugh, so annoying when nicknames for dog breeds get autocorrected into common English words.
This is no time to give me 'tude, Siri.
Oof. I don't know what's going on here, but it's still giving me anxiety.
Seriously... BING... No one invited you!
No need to remind, Siri! Dog owners think about that all day long!
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10 Times Siri Understood What It’s Like To Be A Dog Owner

This post contains adult language and is intended for humans 18 years and over, and canines 3 years and over.

Apple’s Siri app is like have your own cheeky, robotic assistant in your pocket! With just a push of a button iPhone, iPad and iPod users can ask Siri’s help with just about anything! The ole gal doensn’t always get it right, but Apple’s mission is to make sure she does her best… Here are 10 instances when Siri would have hit the nail on the head if she just looked up, “How to train your dog.”

H/t via Imgur.
Featured image via Dogsaholic