15 Dogs Sledding Like They Mean Business

15 Dogs Sledding Like They Mean Business

Tis the season for frolicking in snow and wishing for warmer days to come! For my pup Remix, winter usually entails hiking through the Rocky Mountains and exploring snow in its utmost glory. I probably should have prefaced that we live in Canada and snow is inevitable.

In any case, seeing these dogs go sledding like rock stars has inspired me to see if Remix will take up sledding as a hobby. 😉 Here’s hoping he takes to the slope as effortlessly as these pups.

1. The more the merrier!

2. No sled? No problem — just use your body!

3. The Push and Pull

4. “You shall not go sledding without me!”

5. “I call this the body slam.”

6. Pup-In-Training

7. “Hey, why did we stop?”

8. Fancy Sledding

9. Leader of the Pack

10. Dog Sled Training

11. “Tag, you’re it!”

12. “Moving day, anyone?”

13. Who needs reindeers when you have Huskies?

14. Slip and Slide


15. Drop and Roll


Featured image via @maylakiller