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1. When grandma overhears you use a cuss word and you know you're about to get in trouble so you just try to act real cute.
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2. When you wake up after a night of drinking and you're like, "How did I get here and also, where are my pants?"
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3. "Don't forget to get my good side."
4. When you get walked in on during some "me" time.
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5. When you give someone sass and you look back to see how they respond.
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6. This. Dingus. Right. Here.
7. When your OkCupid date looking nothing like their profile, pic but it's too late to run away.
8. When your bro has to pull you out of a bar fight. "LET ME AT HIM THO."
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9. When you ask your boo to become Facebook official and you're waiting for their response
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10. When you lay down for a power nap and you wake up three hours later like, "WTF am I doing with my life?"
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11. "How many times have I told you I do NOT like being tickled..."
12. Watching the last 30 seconds of the game like...
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13. What your face looks like every time your friends tag you in a Facebook photo.
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14. "Excuse my beauty."
15. Mayer of Dooftown right here.
16. And last but not least, the king of the awkward smile, Tuna. No one does it better.
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