food comaFEAT1
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1. Pass out, bacon. Wake up, bacon.
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2. "Please do not so much as MENTION turkey for the next 365 days."
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3. "Wake me up when you need someone to eat Santa's cookies."
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4. "Go on without me."
5. "We haven't even gotten to desserts yet."
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6. "Ugh. Just get it AWAY from me."
Source: William
7. Just a little post-Thanksgiving scrap nap.
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8. "Is this what being pregnant feels like? because I have a food baby. It's name is Tobey."
Source: Colleen Smith
9. "Do I look like I want to play, Marcus? Do I?"
Source: BarbaraLN
10. "We fit in this bed an hour ago..."
Source: Chris Waits
11. *is too full to put tongue back in mouth*
12. "Brb, food coma."
Source: Gregg O'Connell
13. "#Thankful for this nap I'm about to take."
Source: Just Labs
14. "My bodily fluids have been replaced with gravy."
Source: Tony Alter
15. "No thanks, I'm good here."
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15 Dogs In A Thanksgiving Food Coma

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to spend with our loved ones remembering what we’re grateful for. For our dogs, Thanksgiving is the day of epic table scraps! Between all the crumbs, and your little cousins sneaking under-the-table snacks, your dog will be more stuffed than the turkey you spent all day cooking! Here’s 15 dogs who may have had one too many pieces of dark meat…

Disclaimer: Always exercise caution when feeding your dog new things. Check with your vet before allowing your dog to have any holiday treats, and check this list for potential hazards. Happy Thanksgiving!

Featured image via Just Eat