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1. You have to put up with a lot of unwanted face baths.
Source: Faxo
2. Dogs are always photobombing your cutest pics.
Source: dogshaming
3. Schoolwork isn't safe.
Source: Memekid
4. Dogs have no sense of personal boundaries.
Source: Huffington Post
5. Dogs are always one-upping your Halloween costumes.
6. Dogs are food thieves.
Source: @pokaasan
7. Dogs hog the backseat.
Source: Pixshark
8. Dogs are way too competitive about sports.
Source: @ayasakai
9. Dogs always take the seat with the best view.
Source: This Week News
10. Dogs are shameless show-offs.
Source: Daily Herald
11. Dogs insist on being the center of attention.
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11 Things To Expect From Your Dog Sibling

Dogs are awesome friends and playmates, but let’s face it, there are some serious downsides to having a dog sibling. Here are the absolute worst (best?) parts of sharing your childhood with a dog.

Featured image via @pokaasan