The “staying in bed while you peasants head to work,” made even better by the fact that this Boo won’t chew a hole in the wall while you’re gone.
“Cuddling with dad!” So much more fluffy, you know, because it’s made of fluff.
“Hanging with my bros!” This didn’t take 23487 hours to catch the pups both looking at the camera at the same time.
The “haha, I LOVE shopping!”, made so much better without any bag tearing/chewing/attacking.
“Night in watching Netflix LOL,” but without the pungent odor of dog farts. #FurReals
“Juss travelin’,” except with zero hassle. Stuffed Boo fits NICELY in the overhead compartment.
Yeah if this was a real dog it would be unacceptable and possibly dangerous. But now it’s CUTE!
“So excited to see (insert relevant upcoming movie reference here)!” Yeah, generally, bringing a real dog with you into the theater is frowned upon by polite society—NOT SO WITH STUFFED BOO!
Have you ever seen a real dog drive?! (For the record, we’ve never seen a stuffed one drive either, but clearly it’s a thing that happens).
“Getting ready to hit (insert random town that is NOT the town the dog lives in),” made even cuter and fluffier by an animal with fluff for brains.
This is a stuffed dog pretending to be a real dog pretending to be a stuffed dog. If that isn’t as ironic as a pup in hipster glasses than I think we all just lose at life.
Fake dogs won’t accidentally send your porn stash to your co-workers while posing for this photo. SDJKFDSJFSLJDFJFJ (Whoops, let my dog walk on the keyboard again.)
The “OMG NEW OUTFIT,” except without the struggle to actually get said outfit on said pup.
“Can’t wait for MOM TO GET HOME!” So much cuter without all the anxiety driven carpet peeing, right?!
So much cuteness it MULTIPLIES! Without any of that pesky “giving birth to more dogs.” Remember, there are dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters, guys.
Oops, wait this is the actual Boo. Nevermind.
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16 Times This Charming Stuffed Animal Made Owning A Dog So Much Easier

Unless you’ve been living in a dog park, you have probably heard of the ever-so-adorable Boo (@buddyboowaggytails). Boo has made quite the career being the cutest “is it real or not?” pup out there. However, actual stuffed animals are sick of it, and they’re out to show Boo how “being as cute as a stuffed animal” is really done.

Featured image via @adventuresofboo & @buddyboowaggytails