10 Reasons You Should Take Your Dog On A Date

10 Reasons You Should Take Your Dog On A Date

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Tomorrow, pretty much everyone will be on a date of some sort. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, dancing, bowling, Netflix-and-chilling. And while we’re all for human interaction, we think two-legged people get enough romantic dinners. How about taking out your most loyal companion for a change? Here are some reasons why you should take your dog on a date tomorrow night (and every night)!

1. You guys are in a rut.

Walks in the park? Snuggling on the couch? Yeah, these are great everyday ways to show your love. But when that’s all you’re doing, day after day, it’s easy for things to fizzle out and feel stuck in a rut. Before you know it, your furry boo’s making puppy-eyes at the handsome dude with a dirty tennis ball in the park and starts choosing to sleep in his crate instead of your bed. Don’t let this happen to you!

2. You want to flaunt what you got!
Your dog got a haircut just for the occasion and he looks super-handsome. Yeah, and he got his beard and nails trimmed, too. Did you even notice? If you’ve got a hot dog, show him off! You’re guaranteed to get the best table in town. You know, as long as being at that table doesn’t violate any of the FDA’s puritanical health codes.

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3. Your each other’s favorite company!
That being said, your dog is more than just a pretty face -he’s not afraid to be goofy and he makes you laugh for hours. He’s basically like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something about Mary, but instead of that gross “hair gel” scene he’s just covered in his own drool (and maybe a little poop or something)! It’s better, I promise.

4. [Insert ex’s name].
While we’re on the topic of being gorgeous and funny, who better than your pup to show [insert ex’s name] that dumping you was a BIG mistake and you’re doing so much better without him? [Insert ex’s name] NEVER liked it when you rubbed his tummy! He never licked your tears when you cried! He was always like “Your obsession with dogs is kind of weird..” and WHO NEEDS THAT LOSER ANYWAY!? You’ve got a super-hot dog-date to go on and [Insert ex’s name] can just stare at your insta feed and WEEP, motherpupper With his big dumb cat.

5. That cat sucked.
But, um. Oh, right. Back to your dog! Your dog works super hard and needs to be pampered a little. I mean, he sits, he stays, he fetches, he takes the fall for all your farts… the list goes on, and you know it.

6. Your pooch deserves it.

Your dog is an amazing listener who gives you his undivided attention. Especially when you’re crying whilst holding a peanut-butter filled Booya.

7. Your dog’s dance moves are DOPE.

Take him to the club and show them off! And by club, I of course mean, you know anywhere that plays music that is definitely not an actual club. Green chair and two flat screen TVs: optional. Chinese Crested and two shirtless dudes swiveling: Highly recommended.
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8. It’s a lot less awkward.
Your dog is already going home with you – it’s a done deal. None of that awkward post-dinner, “Uh, what should we do now? Are you tired? I’m kind of tired, I mean, not really tired-tired, more like I just want to go lay down but I still want to hang out, you know?”

9. Your pup is a cheap date.

Strapped for cash? No biggie! Grab a stick, say the world “squirrel” repeatedly, or better yet, try one of these ideas! Who needs champagne and oysters? The world is your oyster! …Plus you really don’t want to have dip into your champagne reserves.

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10. You want to lock this thing down.
Your dog loves you even though you’re maybe not that great. I mean, honestly, your dog is adorable and you’re no Ryan Gosling, okay? You’ve gained like 10 pounds recently and have a long hair coming out of your left nostril, you haven’t done your laundry or called your mother in weeks. But you know what? Bae loves you anyway. You’re super-lucky, so don’t screw this up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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