The 16 Styles Of Treat Beggars You Know Way Too Well

The 16 Styles Of Treat Beggars You Know Way Too Well

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It’s no secret dogs are known to be crazy for treats. Whether it’s playing dead, rolling over, or licking a stranger (yuck) – dogs these days will do just about anything for a bite of yummy goodness.

Amongst all the weirdo behavior most of these smarty-pants pups have their own style of begging you’re bound to have seen before.

1. The Classic Beggar
“Please can I have a treat? Just one? A half? We’ll share!”


2. The Drooler
“I don’t know why my mouth is wet but that treat looks sooooooo good…”


3. The Statue
“Maybe if I’m really good and don’t move at all, she’ll give me one.”


4. The Retriever
The dog that brings you every toy and item you never asked for in hopes of scoring a reward.

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5. The Jumper
“Cant. Stop. Jumping. Until. I Get. A Treat!!!!!!!”

6. The Barker The dog that thinks he sounds like Adele but really just sounds like a seal. new 100 7. The Wiggly Butt Pup The dog whose tail won’t stop wagging at the thought of a tasty treat.

8. The Stare Down Dog
The dog staring at you – judging your every move until you cave in and give them a bit of that yummy goodness they’ve been waiting for.


9.The Dead Dog
The dog that runs over and plays dead in hopes of snatching an extra treat.

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10. The Circler The dog that runs in circles and twirls around because treats are just that GOOD!

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11. The Grumbler
The dog that trained his belly to react to the smell of yummy treats. This tactic tends to be one of the most resourceful when disguised as an effortless effect of hunger.


12. The Sympathy Sucker
“I’ve done sooo many hooman things with you today, can’t I please just have one?”


13. The Whimperers
A desperate attempt to wrangle a treat. Methods include but are not limited to: crying, whimpering, yelping and the highest pitched pup sounds pawssible.


14. The High Paws Pup
The dog that hopefully paws at your side as a friendly reminder they deserve snack time too!


15. The Happy Dog
“Treat? Did someone say treat? Its so exciting I CAN’T STOP SMILING!”


16. The Resting Head
The dog who stops by to rest their head on your lap and look up at your with those puppy dog eyes, pleading for some extra goodies.


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