The Funniest Dogs Of This Week!

The Funniest Dogs Of This Week!

Well, boys and squirrels. We survived the first week of winter! Yeah, I know it’s been winter for awhile now, but we’ve had it mighty easy. Until last week life was downright balmy, but Storm Jonas brought a few feet of snow and some cold, hard, facts.

winter is here

It’s been a week of sloshing through slush and digging out cars, but thankfully these derpy dogs were there to make it bearable:

We learned important lessons from those from those much wiser than us…


…like to always think pawsitively!

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So we tried to remember a time before the snow was full of tears, salt, and dog crap.

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Because honestly, things could be a lot worse


…just ask this couple,…

but do not ask Jonathan. We also learned this week that you really don’t want to engage Jonathan.


Another good thing to remember is just how cute winter clothes are!


Well, a parka is a lot better than some other outfit options. Trust me…


And never forget one of the best parts of winter…canceling your plans and just relaxing at home.

Please consider a donation to the rescue that took Roman in, and with which I volunteer – www.saveabullmn.orgPlease…

Posted by Matt Guest on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Right, El Slobborito?


See you next week! Take it easy!