11 Dogs Who Can’t Wait To Show Off Their Bangin’ Beach Bods

11 Dogs Who Can’t Wait To Show Off Their Bangin’ Beach Bods

1. TFW you’re working on your tan and have no time to play Marco Polo with your dumb brother.

2. TFW you’ve been beefing up your pecs and IT SHOWS.

3. TFW your gross friend makes a banana hammock joke but it’s just a regular hammock and also you’re a dog.

4. TFW you pretend to drown so you can get saved by the cute lifeguard and he totally plays along cuz you’ve got a hot beach bod and also you’re a dog.

5. TFW you logged those piña coladas on your fitbit and have to stew in regret because it’s only the first day of vacation and you still have so much time left to spend in your bathing suit.

6. TFW you somehow still look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model the next day because you have a fast metabolism and also you’re a dog #blessed

7. TFW you’re embracing the #bodypositivity movement but still kinda shypi about it I guess.

8. TFW your mom says you’re too young to have pictures like this on Insta but you need more followers and she just doesn’t get it cuz she’s old.

9. TFW you try to channel your #bluecrush but it feels more like #openwater.

10. TFW you’re captain of the ship and you’re so cute no one even cares it’s totally dangerous because you’re a dog.

11. TFW you say your favorite body part is your smile but really it’s EVERYTHING cuz you’re a total babe. And also you’re a dog.

Featured image viaDog Vacay