The Pup-and-Comers to Watch During Mutt Madness

The Pup-and-Comers to Watch During Mutt Madness

It’s that time of year again, college teams are putting their best paws forward in the hopes of making it to the Final Four! But they aren’t the only ones with big basketball dreams. Check out the pup-and-comers hoping to dominate Mutt Madness!


Simba knows that practice makes pawfect!


Photo by @mightylittlelion

“Last year, I was benched fur excessive chewing…but diz year, mah eyes are on da prize!”


Photo by @mightylittlelion

Training season has been a family affair for Sumo, Buddah, and Ayumi!

photo 2

Photo by @3bulldogges

The big brothers usually take the lead on the court…

photo 4

Photo by @3bulldogges

But this year, little sis Ayumi told The BarkPost, “I’s hopin’ to turn diz into a Cinderella Story. Dat means I wears fancy dressus, right?”

photo 1

Photo by @3bulldogges

Kingsley is known as a real fashion plate on the court. Check out those pupped-up kicks!


Photo by @kingsleythecavalier

“Mah strategy? Give da ref mah signature puppy dog eyes whenever he calls a foul on me.”


Photo by @kingsleythecavalier

Boba made his mark as a free-throw champ last year. We’re excited to see him back in action!


Photo by @mrbobabear

“I just picture a cat perched on da rim, ya know? Just tryna hit dat cat in hiz stoopid face, really.”


Best of luck to all of the contenders!