Top 5 Pranks to Pull on Your Dog

Top 5 Pranks to Pull on Your Dog

Because it is April Fool’s Day, after all. Save the wrapping-entire-desk-in-holiday-paper and whoopie cushion pranks for the coworkers. When you prank your pup, there should be happiness explosions.

5. The uncatchable ball.

For the pup who never stops fetching.

bulldog chasing ball gif


4. The mechanical beast.

Because deep down you know all those suburban dogs want a beast to hunt. Might as well be Godzilla.
dog and godzilla gif

3. The old bait-and-switch.

It’s like Whac-a-Mole, for dogs.

2. The snow shoes.

There are some pups that are graceful. Then there are the other pups. 😉

1. The tennis ball bomb of ecstasy.

A pup’s wildest dreams. Come true.
tennis balls gif