They’ve gotten into the habit of rebelling.
Source: @huskylife2
You are often met with an eye roll.
Source: @dobermanduo
They've been hanging out with questionable dogs.
Source: @deanthebasset
They don't listen to you. Seriously it goes in one ear, and is out the other in no time.
Source: @barkbox
They’re defying their curfew and staying out too late.
Every little thing sets them off.
Source: @thefugee
Communication devices rule their life.
They have a lack of interest in hobbies.
Source: @aquacorg
They're deliberately trying not to fit in with their peers.
Source: @mrs.j.crane
They don't follow the rules. 
Source: @renecharlesnyc
Everything you say or ask is met with an expression of disdain.#SoMuchAttitude
Source: @jaymiheimbuch
They do what they want, when they want. Your opinion doesn't matter.
They don't care what you think about how they dress.
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13 Signs Your Dog Is Going Through The Rebellious Teenager Phase

We’ve all been there. One moment your dog is a sweet little puppy who just wants to do everything with you, and the next he’s becoming an angsty, independent pup who doesn’t care what you think. Here are some things you may notice if your dog is going through that phase.

Featured image via @brok10