The Internet Can’t Decide If This Black Creature Is A Dog Or A Cat

Remember that crazy blue and black (or white and gold depending on how your eyes perceive light) dress that had everyone in a tizzy last year? Prepare to meet 2016’s viral mystery equivalent – the dog-cat-goat-demon hybrid!


Web developer Aster Ryan tweeted a clip of the video showing a blurry black critter scooting about underneath a dining table. Ryan included a poll for users to cast their vote on the creature’s species. 73% voted cat, 27% thought they saw a dog. More creative users chose to write in their guesses, including votes for “Demon,” thanks to the flashing, luminescent eyes, “Black Bengal Goat,” and “Tiny BB Panther.”


As a BarkPost writer who spends the vast majority of her time either petting dogs, thinking about dogs, or watching videos of dogs, my vote is definitely for Creepy Cat! Pups just simply don’t have the stealthy, slinky maneuverability of kitties. But that’s just my two cents. The real question is, what do YOU think?

H/T to Daily Mail

Featured Image via Samnang Sorn/YouTube