Two Pugs and A BBQ

Two Pugs and A BBQ

It’s the stuff dog dreams are made of–hot dogs, corn, baked beans, hot dogs…


Hamilton Pug recently acquired a grill and needed to fire it up ASAP. Naturally, he called up his bestie Finn and they swiftly hammered out a date. “TONIGHT, WE GRILL!” they barked. Finn arrived and they exchanged pleasantries, quickly.

First up: corn. Ham and Finn are generally meat-focused, but they know the importance of vegetables.

But moving on. Let’s get to the real reason this BBQ is being thrown: FOOTLONGS.

“Are they done yet? They sure look ready to us!”

“Well, that looks mighty tasty. Bring it on over here. I am allowed to eat on the couch.”

“Corona? Why yes, I would like that,” said Finn.

Ahh, delicious!

Finn nudged Ham. “Dude, we forgot about dessert. Let’s go!”

Exhausted from the caloric consumption, these two quickly fell into food comas.

Nothing like a successful BBQ–high five!

Hamilton and Finn are currently pitching “Grilling with Ham & Finn” to the Food Network and are available to cater your next party.