10 Types Of Humans Donnie Barko Can’t Get Down With

10 Types Of Humans Donnie Barko Can’t Get Down With

Sure he might be cute, but don’t get on Donnie Barko‘s bad side. This Brussels Griffon has a low tolerance for foolishness, and if you’re a food withholder, a sleep disturber, or Brenda, he does not have time for you. Below, ten other types of humans Donnie can’t hang with.

1. Fools who dare to turn the lights on when he’s sleeping…


2. Humans who make him wait outside the shop while they get ice cream. AND THEN DON’T SHARE THE ICE CREAM. WTF?!?!


3. Treat promisers who don’t follow through. I don’t sit because I like how it feels, jester.


4. Anyone who looks, talks, or smells like Brenda. Who he unquestionably cannot get down with.


5. Donnie definitely can’t get down with humans who give him a bath after he rolls around in fox poo.


6. Humans who tell him his ear situation is “just a phase,” those are the worst kinds of humans for DB.

7. Bacon withholders: don’t you know Donnie Barko lives for bacon?


8. Humans who dare to go to work, leaving the Don at home to curl up like a croissant in his comfy bed.


9. Haters who don’t step off and let Donnie enjoy nature.


10. Let sleeping dogs lie, DB definitely can’t get down with humans who attempt to disturb his slumber.