21 Dogs Who Should Get a Red Card for Invading the Game

21 Dogs Who Should Get a Red Card for Invading the Game

Dogs love balls, and dogs love running through big open fields. It’s no wonder that every now and then a four-legged ball-enthusiast decides to storm the field during a match. Quite honestly, we wish it happened more often. Here are 21 pups who can’t stand to be just spectators and need to get in on the action.

1) This peewee pup dribbles better than half the team.

2) This Poooooo-ch gets VERY comfy on the pitch.

3)  The police dog patrolling this Minas Gerais league match decides to help out the defense.

4) This tender keeper gently scoops up an unhappy scampering pup. He even comforts the doggie even after he gives a few nips to the arm. Heart of gold!

5) Um, can we get stoppage time for belly rubs?

6) Yes, dogs have been causing mayhem on pitches since 1969.

7) Casual cricket match interrupted by a casual trotter.

8) Get along lil doggie and leave this rugby match be.


9) The best defensive player in Cardiff is the one with the tail, sorry Barry Town.


10) Not one but two Labrador Retrievers just want to play with these Turkish footballers….and who could blame them ?!


11) “Oh, don’t mind me. I’ll just be digging right here a bit – carry on now.”

12) A beautiful husky literally runs laps around these players.

13) All this golden pooch wanted was to make a save and get a pat on the head during a 1988 Crystal Palace/Blackburn match.132

14) Warming up for the big leagues.

15) Commentator: “Well, we have a dog delay. I don’t think I’ve ever said that.”


16) Best way to get a pup off the field? Offer him some chips.

17) Club Leon, sign this pooch up! He just out ran half your team and your stadium’s stewards.

18) Spunky pup giving the footballers of Melgar and Cristal a run for their money.

19) This Lab prefers frisbee, thanks.

20) This Argentinian dog really knows how to use his head. Brilliant!


21) Possibly the most (in)famous furry interruption in World football happened during the 1962 World Cup between Brazil and England. Rumor has it the cheeky canine tinkled on Jimmy Greaves and he had to play the remainder of the match it a very smelly kit. One of Brazilian footballers (Garrincha) would later adopt the furry babe.