This Fat Cat Needed To Lose Weight, So Her Mom Got Her A Puppy

This Fat Cat Needed To Lose Weight, So Her Mom Got Her A Puppy

We know that dog’s are man’s best friend. Turns out, they’re also a cat’s best friend. Introducing Dennis, the personal trainer pup, whipping Britain’s plumpest pussycat into shape.

fatcat1Image via Mirror

Dennis is big brother to Ulric, a mighty moggy punching in at more than two stone. Ulric’s weight – double that of an average cat – was so out of control that he even took home the less-than-salubrious honour of being the country’s fattest feline, at one point weighing as much as a three-year-old child!

fatcat2Image via Mirror

After being declared morbidly obese, mum Jan Mitchel tried diets and exercise. She even entered him into a slimming competition run by animal charity PDSA. But after six months, Ulric’s weight barely budged.

fatcat3Image via Mirror

As for exercise, forget about it. Ulric refused to lift a paw, preferring to laze about all day inside. “I tried putting him on a lead and take him for a walk but he refused to,” Jan told the Mirror. So she decided this Norwegian Forest kitty needed a personal trainer – in the form of a five-month-old pugalier puppy!

fatcat4Image via Daily Mail

In just two months of barking boot camp, Ulric has shed 2lbs, thanks to Dennis’ strict regime of running, boxing and play wrestling in the garden.

“Dennis absolutely loves him and can’t leave him alone,” says Jan. “They get on really well and Ulric now runs around the garden, which he never went in before. Although, he doesn’t really have much choice when Dennis is chasing him.

“They play fight and wrestle on the ground quite a lot which must be doing Ulric some good. Ulric is a lot more active than he’s ever been and is starting to lose weight.”

Good luck Ulric! We can’t wait to see your tabby transformation!