13 Hirsute Hounds Rocking Muttstaches For Movember

13 Hirsute Hounds Rocking Muttstaches For Movember

It’s November, that magical month of crisp, autumn days, when Christmas jingles haven’t (yet) made us lose our minds, and when men unleash their ‘staches on the world, thanks to Movember.

But why should guys have all the fun? Who better than dogs to show the world how to rock a furry facial feature! This Movember, get inspired by these adorably hairy hounds who give even the hippest of humans a run for their money.

“Why hello, there. You caught me sitting here looking quite debonair. Now fetch me my slippers.”

movemberdogs10Image via Cam Young

Peekaboo! That’s quite the grandpa mo you’ve got for such a young pup!

movemberdogs2Image via Holy Cuteness

 The moustache adds a certain je ne sais cute to your everyday look.

dogmoustache4Image via Nuena

“Rocking a mo is all about the attitude. And I got plenty of that.”

movemberdogs9Image via Antos Packos

Salvador Dali is your homedog.

movemberdogs7 Image via loopmcg

Or perhaps Hercule Poirot is your hirsute hero?

dogmoustache3Image via Daily Mail

Yep, even milk moustaches count.  

dogmoustache10Image via Dave the Boxer Dog

Props to you if you can get away with a 70’s paw star stache.

dogmoustache11Image via Shooting UK

Tip: if all you’ve got is whiskers, accessorise with a stick-on stache.

dogmoustache5Image via Flickr

Even if you’re not naturally hairy, take inspiration from this moustached muchacho.

Image via mihonogi

Movember is even better when you do it with a pal!

movembersdogs3Image via Emily Wang

Remember, there’s no shame in faking a mo. Who wouldn’t want to wear a ridiculous Groucho mask for a good cause!

movemberdogs11Image via Lady Baxter Cavalier

And hey, no matter how you rock Movember, you get an A for Effort. 

movembersdogs4Image via Em Wang