9 Reasons Why People Who Have Dogs That Don’t Shed Are Winning At Life

9 Reasons Why People Who Have Dogs That Don’t Shed Are Winning At Life

Let’s talk about dog hair for a minute. We all love our dogs and would prefer to spend every minute of every day snuggled up to their furry selves, but let’s face it — the constant shedding can turn into an endless battle against that layer of hair on the sofa. And the car seats. And the bed.

So in a nod to those dog parents who don’t find more dog hair than human hair in the shower drain, here are just a few ways people who have dogs that don’t shed are winning at life.

1. Their little black dress stays black.


Image via Bee with Feathers


2. They can eat dinner without picking dog hairs out of it.


Image via Signoodles


3. They never have the sudden urge to shave their dog completely bald.


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4. They’ve never had the distinct pleasure of reaching for their keys only to pull out a nice big fur ball.


Image via Chronicles of Cardigan


5. They don’t have to vacuum their house, or their dogs, every single day.


image via Dyson


6. The corners of their house are spotless.


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7. Blankets are for keeping warm not covering up the hair on the sofa.


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8. Dog hair does not become a condiment on every single item they own.


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9. Their #1 must-have item isn’t an emergency lint roller.


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