Police Dept. Needs Help Naming A Litter Of German Shepherd Puppies

Police Dept. Needs Help Naming A Litter Of German Shepherd Puppies

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to name Cornwall Pawlice’s latest recruit – a fluffeh K9 puppeh! Proud mama Ruby (pictured above) has just given birth to seven future fearless crime fighters and you can win naming rights to one of her C litter by coming up with the perfect name, starting with C.

To help you get those wheels turning, we put our best paw forward to come up with some potential winners.


1. Castro. “Revolution is not a dogbed of roses.”

castroImage via Jokeroo


2. Clint Eastwoof. “Go ahead, make my day. Then make my dinner.”

clinteastwoofImage via Pinterest


3. Charles Barkley …cos there’s already a Sir Charles Barkley.

charlesbarkleyImage via Mashable

4. Chewbacca. Surely a Jedi’s best friend.

chewbaccaImage via BuzzFeed


5. Chairman Bow. “It’s Mao Zedog to you sir.”

chairmanbowwowImage via This Blog Rules

6. Canine O’Brien

canineobrienImage via Imgur


7. … On that note, how about Canine the Barbarian?

caninebarbarianImage via SMS111


8. And of course, Citizen Canine – because, THIS:

orsonwellesdogImage via Pop Crunch


9. Count Wagula. A creature of the night.

countwagulaImage via Sweetes Bake Shop


10. Captain. He’ll jump up the ranks in no time.

captaincanineImage via Disney


11. Or maybe he’s more of a Colonel?

colonelImage via Pinterest

12. Cedric Diggory.
Maybe more suitable for a Brussels Gryffindor?

cedricdiggoryImage via Petiquette Dog


13. Colin (not so) Feral.

colinferalImage via Dogster

14. Charles Barkowski
(oh come on now).

charlesbarkowskiImage via Pecand


15. Or Charles Pawdelaire, so debonair.

charlespawdelaireImage via DKV Rottweilers


16. Cleopatra. “All must bow-wow down to me.”

cleopatraImage via Gala Darling


17. Cujo. (Wait…no…)

cujoImage via Boingydog

Update! The C Litter has been named!

Video Update! Holy smokes! They’re adorable.