9 Sure Signs You’re A Hipster London Hound

9 Sure Signs You’re A Hipster London Hound

Sure, you live in Pawditch and have a beard, but are you really a hipster dog? See how you match up against London’s most hipster of hipster hounds.

1. You dress dapper at all times.

hipsterdogs4Image via Guardian

Yep, even in summer.

hipsterdogs11Image via Style Tails

2. Plaid is rad is your motto.

hipsterdogs2Image via Love My Dog

3. Mumford & Pups are your style icons.

hipsterdogs3Image via Daily Dog Tag

4. You never smile, ever.

hipsterdogs13Image via The Dogist

5. You’re an entrepreneur, which means pawcrastinating in a cafe in Hackney with your MacBook Pro all day long.

hipsterdogs6Image via You and Your Dog

6. You have serious moustache envy.

hipsterdogs12Image via Fustylola

7. You #wokeuplikethis.

hipsterdogs7Image via Liberty London Girl

8. You only eat artisanal, seasonal, farm-to-bowl food.

Image via Ginny_jrt

9. You hang with other hipsters.

hipsterdogs8Image via Meet the Pugs